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Old 11-02-2012, 05:19 AM
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Lightbulb Reviving (some sort of) the "personal" training program.

I really think a goodgood training program (and even perhaps a training server) again like there used to be will let the newer people enjoy the game more and stay longer.. And not leave after a week cause they are drowning in information they have no clue of.. I've noticed this myself back when I joined in 2005, I tried just playing the game and find out information and things by myself, but it was a pretty big piece to swallow and instead I followed some trainings with a trainer.. And that made the game SO MUCH more enjoyable in just 1 day!

I think this really needs to be looked into again, certainly when we will hit green on Steam anytime soon I hope.. I'd even like to help setting up a good training program for new players again if there are Game Moderators / RATS or other players who can add one certain page to the website and help making things happen that needs some more privileges.

I know there is a wiki with a lot on it, but im 100% sure you're able to keep a much larger steady player base (especially from new people joining and with the free to play option) if you get back the sort of personal training.. Like said im interested in helping out getting this back on track again..

Cause the way it is going now it seems like people are getting Free to play and most of them are probably drowning in information and not getting the hang the game in total.. They get bored and leave.. What if we revive the training program (maybe a bit different then it was) and (new) people are able to sign up just to learn the mechanics and basics of the game and how stuff works around BGEU... Im sure you'll most likely get a large user base which will eventually upgrade from f2p to payed subscriptions if they know the mechanics well enough and get into the game and the real fights..

Just a very quick and small overview of what is needed to get a basic training program back on track (very limited but core elements)

- A sign up page (basically like the OCS application kind of form)
- A good referral for F2P players, so that the application page is not a pain in the *ss to find
- Of course its setup (Department coordinator and assistant, trainers and such)
- Possibly but not a really need some sort of (small) training server.
- Well and the rest lies within the dedication of the trainers and their coordinator and a good base program.. But I think that won't be a big problem to find a good couple of people.

Lets hear what you guys/girls have to say about it.. I'm of course willing to help out with this or maybe even do the first setup and coordination if there is some help with making one or a couple of pages on the webby

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