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Default Re: Remove rank requirements for creating missions: an obvious move for a shrinking g

Originally Posted by bondpaul View Post
This game is not like any other game out there, that is why people tend to stick with it for long periods of time and even return to it after months away from it. It does become addictive. It is very complicated and does take lots and lots of game hours just to come to grips with how things come together, and even then one does not have a full picture, as someone else shows you something new that makes you say, how did I miss that.


I hope you understand why this is done, but I also remember my frustration when I started also.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!
I'm loling at this guy he doesn't seem to play the game currently or not as much as me, he also seems not to remember when he was a rookie.

Creating a mission is first too hard to find or make due to UI it's a different section took me 2 months to find and probably a couple more weeks to understand the target and origin concept.

There are alot of veterans that are on free accounts or free trials they understand the game and could benefit a whole deal the rest of the players.

Between 09-14.00 GMT there is barely any mission and all def missions are for the AB if the AB gets camped that brigade will become fully attrited, despite having a cp that can be spawn equipment and atgs, players never use them....

If you want to save supply versus rookies then increase rank equipment especially tanks, the mission system is one thing, the equipment system is another thing, that is in no way related to each other at least how you wrote.

No player rank for missions would actually reduce supply loss because it would mean more missions, more frus therefore more players flanking and players killing campers, more fb defenders and missions from all brigades. Anyone who clearly does not see or understands this does not want this game to succeed.
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