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Default Re: Will a SSD make a big difference?

Originally Posted by indo420 View Post
maximum allocation size is 2048MB for the engine.

Just like the recognition of a single core, there is nothing that can be done about this with out totally abandoning the engine.
I doubt it really, because 2048 is not an engine limitation, its a windows object size limitation.

You cant make an object bigger then 2GB in windows, and that actually carries over to 64bit as well (Using .Net as an example, I think its a native limitation as well).

The engine, or so you say is made up of data structures, graphical subroutines, user input interfaces and customized simulations, with 3rd party systems intergrated.

If they so chose to; they could adapt their data structures to account for multiple 2GB objects and unless it was really badly designed, I doubt it would be much of a problem.

CRS should push the limits of modern computers! If someone has 2GB Ram, make it so they can play; but if I have 32GB: Make it so the game really makes something out of it! WOOT!

(Tired of seeing the edge of loaded tiles at the end of the max view distance in my airplane :_( )

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