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Default Re: Will a SSD make a big difference?

its because the game uses primative 32 bit 20th century computer technology...

everyone else in the 21st century has long since moved on and uses 64 bit computer code which allow for the FULL use of system memory with modern 64 bit OS's

really 32 bit stuff is fit to stuff in the trash at this point in time...but companies still refuse to move into the 20th century because they are afraid they might 'lose' a few dumpster diving customers that can't find 2 pennies under the sofa cushion to upgrade to 21st century standards.

its also the reason why direct X 9.0 is still coming out on new games(diablo III, etc)...instead of the much better direct X 11. Companies just can't bear to lose even 1 customer that is still running 20th century hardware
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