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Default Re: Please an important request.

Originally Posted by mbpig989 View Post
Sons of Anarchy is in desperate need of a couple permanent sub rooms. We take part in the new player thing and the people are not always around who can make the rooms. I have been considering suggesting to the CO that we get our own TS. It's great to be right here on axis ts to communicate though, so maybe we can get a couple sub rooms? Pwetty Please <3 Maybe something like...

Group A
Group B
Air Group

I know it seems like a lot, but sometimes you get 20 guys online, and then some groupies, and HC members and it gets crowded.

...Or I guess you could alleviate the problem by giving me some mod powers in the samcro room, or either way.

Anyways plz hit me back, much <3 , Peace
No longer any part of CRS. S!
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